1. porchkitten:

    BELLINGHAM, please come make this show really awesome and help support some touring artists. We’ll be visiting Bellingham for the first time since we left in March!

    Days N Daze

    Broken Bow

    The Ragshakers

    Where: The Alternative Library - 1417 Railroad Ave, Bellingham, WA

    When: Sunday, 7/27 @ 7:30pm

    Reblog this, bring yer friends, bring yerself! We are going to put on a really great show for you, I promise!!


  2. TONIGHT! CLINTON,WA! 3653 Midvale Rd!

  3. Last night marked our last show with Opposition Rising and Disaster Strikes for this tour now it’s off to Ashland,OR tonight at Club 66 (1951 Ashland St)!!!

  4. TONIGHT! Portland,OR! At Slabtown 1033 NW 16th Ave with Opposition Rising, Rum Rebellion, Disaster Strikes, Fire at Will and Broken Bow. Shit is going down!!

  5. we had a great show last night in Seattle, and big thanks to our great friend @typicalsierrugh for coming out and housing us up. :)

  6. dietpoprecords:

    New Trundle Session up now from daysndaze!!! Find them all on www.youtube.com/user/dietpoprecords

    Trundle Session!

  7. that0neweirdkid:

    A very ‘ramshackle glory’ sketch I did of Days n Daze
    I hope they see it and like it


  8. It’s our day off!!!

  9. TONIGHT! Reno,NV! 538 Roberts St.

  10. Thanks for all the support to get to 8k on Freakbook! You all mean so much :) #daysndaze

  11. TONIGHT! 924 Gilman Berkeley,CA! @gueer.punk

  12. trollstomp:

    Hand poked broken ukulele on the legendary Whitney from days n daze!

    More stick and pokes!! :D

  13. Radio show today! #daysndaze

  14. trollstomp:

    First stick and poke on the road; sling shot on gfrys from days n daze. Can’t wait to do some more!

    Gfrys new stick and poke brought to you by Phil Shellabarger :) follow his blog! trollstomp

  15. jasper-the-friendly-punk:

    I love this fuckin’ country because I happen to live here and every once in a while I really wanna make out with the statue of liberty and blow shit up. And you know what? I can do that cuz its America. I love America because we can fuckin do whatever the fuck we want to, that’s fuckin freedom…