1. Fuck yeah! Friends!

  2. Tim’s stoked on our shitty patches :D

  3. One week or bats meet kneecaps #familyportrait

  4. driftwoodrecs:

    A Fistful of Vinyl Sessions: Days N Daze
    You’ll never guess who were putting tapes out for.

    Yeahhh dooood

  5. davediddlystrider:


    How to open a beer with a banana

    well its open

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  6. Jesse and I are going to go see Garfunkel and Oates tonight! Woo band field trip! (Minus geoff and meg…sorry y’all) :D

  7. Reached 9000 likes on the Facebook today. I can’t express how much gratitude we have to everyone who has supported us over the years <3 rage on. -Whitney #daysndaze

  8. Missin the rest of the Dnd crew so #cheers #daysndaze #gettingdrunk

  9. whereareyouflamel:

    Days N’ Daze (and Rail Yard Ghosts) lighters up on my etsy ! 



  10. #daysndaze In the u-haul headed home from Denton tx area #fucktrains #catchitonthefly #brother

  11. Hey guys were gonna be in Kansas City, MO TONIGHT! Come see our buddy’s #robbersroost from Washington. Here’s the address. 3801 Broadway
    Kansas City, Missouri 64110. #daysndaze

  12. Hey y’all! It’s my birthday :D come rage with me in Denver, CO at Seventh Circle!!!! (2935 w 7th) #daysndaze

  13. TONIGHT! CALGARY! CANADA STOP BEING SO RAD! :D 223 12th Avenue SW #daysndaze

  14. allwevegotrecords:

    Grab a copy (51 left!) of the Days N Daze / Rail Yard Ghosts Split 7” for $4.50 now until Sunday at http://allwevegot.com/!

    Use discount code: trainsarecool

    Stream full album here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoN1yxDUBv7P6fWKmUK8RWtH8rEpMpBm1



  15. god-hates-fag-haters:

    Hey. all my punk followers, or all of my followers in general. yesterday was my birthday, and if anyone wants to be a cool little shit, totes send me any music involving Jesse Sendejas (Days N Daze, Chad Hates George, etc.) I will literally love you forever. My parents arent exactly supportive of…

    If you go to daysndaze.bandcamp.com you can download all of our music for free! :)

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