1. allwevegotrecords:

    Days N’ Daze and Rail Yard Ghosts split 7”, out this June!

    Pre order for our vinyl split with Rail Yard Ghost out now!!!!

  2. Tomorrow night y’all

  3. Drinking at the bar by myself booking days n daze summer west coast tour. Shits about to get rowdy. -Whitney

  4. We had to cancel our show tonight in Dallas, Jesse got some gnarly staph in his arm and it’s pretty much immobile we are so sorry y’all we will make it up to y’all soon! -Whitney


  5. smokelessreasons asked: hey guys :) ive just been curious about what you use for your fingertips on washboard? huge fan since i dont even know when... :D and i just wanted to know what you'd suggest for it since im gonna use one, thanks~

    We use banjo picks!Our old washboard player glued them onto gloves to make it easier for her fingers also!


  6. coolhandadrian asked: Any New England tour dates soon? I'd love to see you play in Boston

    This fall we’ll be out there and we’re for sure hittin’ up Boston :D


  7. unofficial-gabe asked: Days N Daze is my favorite band and im touched that you followed me. Is the blog run by band members?

    Hey! Yeah it’s run by me, Whitney (trumpet and vocalist) I like to follow everyone so I can keep in touch with the people who listen to our music and cause friends are fun :D

  8. TONIGHT!!!!! It’s our first show back in HTOWN!! EXCITEMENT! 

  9. nocashsmokehash:

    Days n Daze photos by James Willamor

  10. ipromiseiwilltakeyouthere:

    Day Gaunts! By Uni Kricfalusi


  11. Anonymous asked: What was the thinking behind the title "Rogue Taxidermy"? You guys are really awesome. I can't help but smile when I listen to you. Thanks

    The album is a combination of older songs we wrote a long time ago but never released (or we re recorded) and new songs, so Jesse came up with the title Rogue Taxidermy to represent the piecing together of old and new in one concept. Hope that helps :) -Whitney

  12. nocashsmokehash:

    Music Video for Days n Daze’s song “Misanthropic Drunken Loner”

    WE MADE A MO’ FUGGIN MUSIC VIDEO! Huge thanks to Jak Kerley at Shibby Pictures for making this happen! Check it out 


  14. Checkout what our awesome super talented friend Catherine Darshad made!! (Future album cover?) Also we’re playing in Pensacola,FL Tonight at The Handlebar 319 N. Tarragona St.

    p.s I’m not as little as it seems in this picture lol -whitney


  15. fuckyeah-folkpunk:

    Goathead Record Collective and Arroyo Deathmatch take part in a discussion about Independent music over the last year.  Written by Jesse of Days N’ Daze father Jesse Sendejas Sr.