2. My Pizza My World.

  4. westynineone:

    Whitney Flynn. She is part of Days N’ Dayz and also happens to be one of my favourite people in the scene. She is one talented little lady with a killer set of pipes.

    #3 of my favourite lowfi ladies.

    Once I have done a few more I will copy, water colour and ink them as promised.

    Holy shit this is rad <3

  5. For the flamboyant type, #daysndaze #floral

  6. Making patches aside from our actual store so they’ll be available soon on @isleptallday etsy: #stoptalkingtrashboat -the gfrys

  7. Me as a kid-gfrys #daysndaze


  9. theresnohonestwayout:

    Days N Daze Summer Tour 2011 - 07 Dayton, Memphis, Little Rock

    there is so much hidden amongst youtube! great quality stuff waiting to be discovered, LIKE THIS or more so the whole series of their Summer tour in 2011

    2011 tour!

    (Source: youtube.com, via fearisonlyinthought)

  10. Fuck yeah! Friends!

  11. Tim’s stoked on our shitty patches :D

  12. One week or bats meet kneecaps #familyportrait

  13. driftwoodrecs:

    A Fistful of Vinyl Sessions: Days N Daze
    You’ll never guess who were putting tapes out for.

    Yeahhh dooood

  14. Jesse and I are going to go see Garfunkel and Oates tonight! Woo band field trip! (Minus geoff and meg…sorry y’all) :D

  15. Reached 9000 likes on the Facebook today. I can’t express how much gratitude we have to everyone who has supported us over the years <3 rage on. -Whitney #daysndaze